Passwords.Google.Com Account Recovery Password

Passwords.Google.Com Account Recovery

The combination of information, webpages, images, videos and more, the invention of Google has changes our lives in such a way that we cannot imagine our day to day activity without it. Gmail is the another most intuitive, efficient, and useful invention created by google which has completely changes the life of the user. From sending message to receving to saving all facilities comes at one side only. Gmail is a free email service provided by Google has approx. 1.5 billion active users worldwide. For simply using the Gmail you have to Login, create the account. It comes with the of 15 gigabytes of storage wherein Users can receive emails up to 50 megabytes in size, including attachments, while they can used for send emails up to 25 megabytes and for more larger files users users can insert files from Google drive into the message.

By considering the needs of the customer and daily usage of Gmail account, we have come we have come with all the possible ways to recover the Gmail password for you to try and regain access to your account.

Google Account Recovery

Why there is a need of Google Account recovery? The recovery of account persist when it is being hacked by any unauthorised authority or you forget your Google account password or many more. This is a method through which you can recover your Google Account anytime and anywhere without any technical glitches. Here we are discussing about different methods which can help you to Recover your Google Account from one and another way in any of the devices you are using.

How to recover Google Account on your Android

Google account is very friendly on Android devices and without any trouble user use its services very efficiently. Gmaill account is the choice of every individual because it is reliable, swift and authenticate, But what is your Google account stops working on your Android device, you should follow some of the quick steps mentioned below in order to recover Google Account.

  1. First of all you have to go to your Android Phone and you have to open the setting of the Android device  and then click on Manage your Google Account.
  2. Afterwards, Click on Security at the top
  3. You will get now various ways for verification, Under “Ways we can verify it’s you,” tap on  Recovery email.
  4. You have to sign in for the same.
  5. Now Follow the steps mentioned on the screen to recover the Google Account on your Android phone

Above are the most proficient and the easiest the method through which you can recover your Google account but is still issue persist then never miss the chance to connect with the team who are specially designed to resolve all your technical glitches which maximum efforts and in minimum time frame.

Google Account Recovery Page Verify Identity

In order to recover the account using the recovery page verify the identity you are supposed to follow some of the quick and reliable steps mentioned below in order to do so:-

  1. Go to the Google recovery page firstly
  2. Then you have to choose the option wherein select I don’t know the password
  3. Click on the continue button
  4. At any point, If you have  linked a phone number, you may get a verification code
  5. Reset the password by entering the verification code
  6. Make a combination of a strong password which includes, numeric, alphabet

Passwords.Google.Com Account Recovery without Alternate Email

Technical Issues always comes uninvited, anywhere and anytime and can leave you with long term issues wherein you are unable to login for any of your important documents, therefore if you stuck with Google Account and forget your email id too then you should quickly follow steps for recovering the Google account without an alternate email id:-

  1. Open Gmail in the web browser
  2. You have to click on Forget password
  3. You will now move to next wherein you have to enter the last password you remembered
  4. Enter the last password and click on forget password
  5. You will now get the different methods for the verification in order to reset the password
  6. Click on reset password using the verification by security questions
  7. Enter the answer to the security question which you have set up ate the time of creating new Gmail account
  8. You will now be prompted to enter the new password which you be strong enough
  9. Re-enter the password again, using the same you can easily reset your Google account


Passwords.Google.Com Account Recovery without Phone Number

Nowadays, we aren’t able to do anything meaningful without access to our emails and we are directly or indirectly dependent on Gmail as it plays a most important role in our day to day work life. Let’s suppose you forget your password and don’t have a phone number

connected with it, don’t worry, we got you covered, you just need to carefully stick with the following points mentioned below in order to recover your password with Phone Number:-

  1. Firstly open Gmail in your browser, it can be Firefox or chrome
  2. Now enter your Gmail user ID and Click on Next
  3. Now, under the password field, you have to click on the Forgot Password
  4. Enter the last password you remember followed by a click on the ‘Try Another Way’ link
  5. Now if you have added your recovery email ID in the account, you will be taken to the ‘Get a Verification Code’ link
  6. Rewrite the email id, and click on the Send button to receive the code on your email.
  7. Just Open your alternate email ID and copy the received code
  8. and enter it into the verification box and click on the Next button
  9. You all need to add the new password now, Re-enter the password again and click on the save button your Google account is recovered now without a phone number

Passwords.Google.Com Account Recovery using Date of Birth

Gmail has its own set of rules and regulations for the users who are operating it. It is a huge platform for sending and receiving information from one place to another and various numbers of users at one time. Let’s take a most effective and reliable approach to recover Gmail password of Gmail account with the date of birth:-

  1. Open the Gmail Sign-in page
  2. Click on forgot password then
  3. It will get you redirected to the password recovery page
  4. Now mention the last password and then click try another way.
  5. You will now be asked to choose the password recovery option via security questions or date of birth
  6. Mention your date of birth which you have used at the time of creating the new account.
  7. This will help you to reset the password of Gmail
  8. Now Choose a combination of Strong the password of alphabets, special character or numeric number
  9. Re-enter the password again and click on save
  10. By doing so you can easily able to recover the Gmail account using the date of birth.

Passwords.Google.Com Account Recovery without Security Question

There are many ways through which one can recover their Google account  to avoid any technical glitches, here below are some of the methods through which you can Recover Google Account without being knowing the Security Question:-

  1. First, you need to open Gmail in your web browser and then you have to enter your email or user ID and click on Next.
  2. Afterward click on Forgot Password link
  3. Now you have to enter the last password you remember while clicking on the ‘Try Another Way’ link.
  4. If you have added your phone number you will now get a verification code on the same
  5. Enter the verification code in the field provided
  6. Now you can easily reset the password by entering the new and strong one.
  7. Re-enter the password to confirm the same.
  8. And save all the changes at the end, this will help you in the Recover Google Account without Security Question

Google Account Recovery Help

Google Account Recovery help is a group of highly skilled and dedicated professionals selected from all over the world to rectify your issues. We have a dedicated technical support team for every dedicated issues So that you can always enjoy the services at any time from anywhere.

Why we need Google Account Recovery Team

By getting in touch with the Google Account team you will be assisted by the following means

*24 hours a day and 7 days a week assistance

*365 days assistance during public holiday’s as well

* Maximum resolution of a technical error in minimum time

* Most quick and reliable resolution of your query

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