Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet

How to Fix Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet Issue

Netgear router not connecting to internet

Facing blinking connection or poor connection with the modem is common with us and also you don’t know the reason behind this problem. This blog will guide you on the reason and proper solution for your internet connectivity issues with your modems. Nothing to worry about, just follow the instruction which describes simply and easily you can understand and apply the solution. There are some specific causes for the Netgear router not connecting to the Internet and we will share with you some possible solutions. The causes and solutions for the issues are discussed below:

Why is My Netgear Router Not Working and How Do I Fix It?


Cause 1: Netgear Extender placed far away: If Netgear extender is placed far away from the home router it may cause an error connection. So, you should place the Netgear extender in the same area of your computer router.

Cause 2: Insufficient power supply: Your internet cable may not have a sufficient power supply. For this reason, reduce the signal value of the cable. So, please check the power level which connects to your cable modem. If it is not sufficient, please connect to ISP.

Cause 3: Firmware version: If your modem firmware version is not updated which may be occurring this kind of issue. It may be an experience your DNS cache or IP address falters as your internet provider having an outage in your areas. Therefore, you need to always update firmware latest version through your ISP contact. 

Cause 4: Network hardware connection: Hardware configuration is also important if it is not properly connected then a problem will face. To resolve this issue, you need to do some steps. Firstly, you need to check your power cable not having any cuts or ruptures then you need to check your LED light device has a strong green color. After that, if it is not green then you need to the check power supply for resolving it. 

Cause 5: Activation problem: If you did not activate your modem then it will cause a connection problem. For this, contact your Internet service provider for verification. They will ensure that your device is activated or not.

Cause 6: Network power cycle: This is a common issue which resolves by performing a power cycle between the cable modem and modem router.

Cause 7: Transmitting appliances: If your device is placed where some transmitting appliances like baby motor, microwaves, cordless phone were there then can be happened some issue. So, you should place those appliances far from your router.

Cause 8: Problem from the Internet service provider: If you are facing still a problem then maybe a problem from the internet service provider. For this, you can contact them for resolving your issues. 

Cause 9: Router login issue:

 If you have a problem with router login then you need to see the following condition:

  • Do Ensure all cables are attached to the router and computer and power source.
  • You can see the internet LED is Lighted if it is not lighted then go through the router manual and solve the light status 
  • If you are using an Ethernet cable then check LEDs for the cable ports are lighted or not. If not then go to a different port. If still having a problem, then go through the manual of the router.
  • Those who are using a wireless device can check the LED on the wireless adapter is lighted. If not then go through the adapter manual.

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