How to recover Facebook Account Password

How to Recover Facebook Account Without Phone Number

Facebook account recovery is a very common issue. So many users are reported that I have forgotten my Facebook account how to recover it. If you are also one of them who do not know the process of Facebook account recovery then you need not to get worried about it because the best instructions are given below to recover a Facebook account without the phone number, you just follow it and get your account back.

Step by step instructions are given below to recover a Facebook account without  phone number

  1. First you should go to the Facebook login page.
  2. Facebook will ask for your username and password. Click on the forget account which is shown under the password field.
  3. By clicking you will get Reset your password field page, then click on the option of no longer have access to these.
  4. Facebook will ask you how can we reach you. They provide you two options like enter your new email or phone number and confirm it
  5. Enter your email and click on continue.
  6. Facebook provide you one more option for recovery, i.e. click on Reveal my trusted contacts and type the contacts name which you have assigned previously.
  7. After that you will get additional instructions and a recovery code link. You just send the link to your friend and ask them to follow it and send you the code they receive.
  8. By using that code you can recover and get your account back to use.

How to recover Facebook account without email

Here are the steps given below to recover a Facebook account without email. Users just check the below steps and learn the procedures to recover their accounts.

  1. First of all, you should visit the login page of the Facebook account.
  2. If you forget or not able to remember your password then click on ‘forget account’.
  3. You will find your account page, just enter your phone number and click on the search option.
  4. Facebook will ask you where I send you to code through call or via messages.
  5. Select your preference.
  6. After that Facebook sends a code according to your choice.
  7. Enter the code and click on continue.
  8. Type the new password in the box and click on the continue option.
  9. Now you can use your Facebook with the new password.
  10. That’s all easy steps to follow and access your Facebook account.

How To Recover my Facebook Account Through Friends

Facebook is one of the best and well-known social sites in the world. More than a million users are using Facebook. There are multiple accounts accessed by most of the users so it becomes a little tough to remember all the account’s usernames and passwords. If you are also one of them who forget your password and not able to remember then you need not to get worried about it because the Facebook company provides customer service to all the users. In other words, every people are well educated to get all things by their own. There are multiple techniques available for all Facebook account users to get in touch with Facebook customer support.

  • You can get help through the customer support phone number.
  • You can get help through an alternate email.
  • You can get end to end support through live chat.

How you get help through Facebook Account Recovery Number

  • If you are thinking about the phone number to contact with Facebook support then this is one of the best idea because by the contact number you can get multiple solutions to your queries or problem or you can directly address your problem in front of the experts.
  • If you are facing any kind of trouble regarding how to recover Facebook account then you should contact the support team to get help from the customer care contact number.
  • Facebook Company concern about all the problems of the users so they provide Facebook customer service number, email address, Facebook live support to all its users.
  • If you want to contact customer support then you can take the number from any search engine because the phone number is available everywhere and the number is in service 24 by 7 round the clock.
  • The number is authorized by the company so that you can share your issues without any trust issues. If you are working at night and facing any kind of problems accessing your Facebook account then you can contact the same customer support number.
  • When you make the call to the support number to take Facebook customer service then the support will pick your call within a short time you just share your problem regarding Facebook you definitely get to fix your problem.

Facebook customer care is always trying to make you satisfied without your satisfaction they will never cut your call. Another method is that you can take the service through alternate email, one more way people can take the services from live chat. Most of the time chatting is not convenient therefore the contact number is the best authentic way to get all things with minimal time.

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