How To Fix YouTube Tv Not Working

How to Fix YouTube TV not Working

Why is Youtube TV not working on android?  Why Youtube is not working on TV?

Well, it’s very frustrating when the video we are watching on Youtube keeps on buffering or gets stuck in between. So, how to sever this problem?

Here are some quick fixes for Youtube not working on android and TV! But first, let’s have a look at some reasons behind Youtube not working issue below.

Why YouTube TV is failing to work properly

 Youtube may not work on your TV or android due to the following assorted reasons:

  •  Poor or no internet connection
  • Outdated Youtube version
  • Many background apps running at the same time on the phone
  • When TV is closed directly without closing Youtube
  • When TV or phone is not updated to the latest version

Quick solutions To Fix YouTube Failing To Work Properly

  1. Ensure proper internet connection

 Poor or no internet connection is the main cause for videos not playing on Youtube. So, make sure that your TV is connected to a high-speed WI-FI connection. If it is connected to Wi-Fi, but there is no internet, then check your Wi-Fi router or use a mobile hotspot. If the hotspot is unable to connect, then connect your phone with the TV and then play Youtube video from your phone on the TV.

  1. Reboot your android TV

 Most of the time, we close our TV directly without closing the Youtube on TV, due to which Youtube video stuck while playing. So, to fix this issue, first, close the Youtube and switch off the TV and then turn it on after 2 minutes. Then open Youtube and check if the video is playing.

  1. Update the software on your Android TV

 If the software is not updated, then not only Youtube but many other apps cause problem to work. So update your TV with the latest software. You can easily update the TV software by navigating to TV settings>support>software update>Update software, or update using USB by visiting the Tv brand support website>select product type>enter model number>follow the guidelines> download the software folder>Copy the folder to USB>Connect the USB to TV> TV settings>Support>Software update.

How to fix Youtube not working on Android?

  1. Resolve network problem

 If the WI-FI network does not provide internet, Check your router settings or switch to a cellular 4G LTE network or use your friend’s internet via a mobile hotspot.

  1. Check the Youtube app

 If there is no network issue, then there might be some problem with the Youtube app itself. So, try to resolve your problem by clearing the app cache in mobile settings app>Youtube>Storage>Clear cache. You can also update the Youtube app in the Google play store in the My apps & games section.

  1. Reboot or update your phone

 Restarting your phone closes all the background running apps that might be causing the Youtube not working problem. So, switch off your phone and turn it on after 1 minute. Youtube might also not work due to the outdated version of android so update the system by opening settings>system update.

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