How to fix Xbox Series S controller not connecting

Xbox Series S controller not connecting

Sometimes, users complain about the issue Xbox series s controller not connecting; they are unable to control games or menus with their controller. Well, there can few reasons of happening this problem. The closest reason is that your controller and your console are not talking to each other. The other causes that could lead to this problem such as too much distance between them, weak batteries, too much interference, sync issues, and hardware failures.

Xbox Series S Controller won’t connect Fix

So, if you are also facing the same issue and want to know How to fix the Xbox series s controller not connecting? Then you should not worry. The best way to fix this issue is that to go through the below-given troubleshooting steps.

Easy Steps to Fix Xbox Series S Controller Not Connecting Issue:


Step 1: Verify the Range of Xbox One Controller

First of all, ensure that your Xbox One controller is not placed out of range. Well, the maximum range of a controller is around 19 feet, but placing items between the console and the controller can prominently decrease that range.

Step 2: Reset the Controllers

Don’t worry ‘How to fix Xbox series s controller not connecting’! It is very easy to fix the Xbox series s controller that is not connecting or working issue, just by simply resetting the gaming item which can be possible by holding down the “Power” button.

Step 3: Unplug the Xbox Controller and Remove its Batteries

You should try to unplug the console from the power source, and power of the controller and after then remove the batteries. Now, reinsert the batteries and then restart the console again to check the see the issue is fixed.

Step 4: Verify the Controller is Synced or Not

You should check that your controller is not already synced to a different Xbox One. If yes, it is synced to a new console, then ensure that controller would no longer work with the original console.

Step 5: Verify the Physical Failures

Still, the Xbox series s controller not connecting after trying all of the above steps! Then there may be a physical issue with either your console or controller. Then try to sync your controller to a different Xbox One to see if it works fine; If yes, that means the issue is in your Xbox One console and not the controller, or if it doesn’t work fine or connect then you have a cracked controller and it might be time to purchase a new one.

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