How to Fix Google Play Download Pending Error

How to Fix Google Play Download Pending Error

Are you searching for How to fix Download pending error with Google Play store?  Then this article is just for you. Google play store download pending errors are very frustrating when you need to download an important app urgently and apps won’t download and stuck in pending . So, here I have gathered some common solutions to your problem:

How to fix Google Play store download pending errors?


Solution 1: Clear Google play store cache

The download pending error occurs due to lack of space on your android. So clear your Google Play store/Google play service cache to remove the play store download pending error as follows:

  • Open your android settings
  • Go to app management/manage apps/apps and notifications  and view the app list
  • Select Google Play services from the list and then an app info page will open.
  • Then go to Storage space and find Clear cache, just click on it and all cache will be deleted
  • Now, try to download your desired app from the Play store.

Solution 2: Uninstall any current downloads/ updates

To resolve the download pending error, cancel all the newly installed/updated apps already running on your device as these might hinder your download process. You can uninstall these updates as follows:

  • Open Google play store app on your device
  • Then at the upper right corner, tap on your Google account
  • Select my apps and games and cancel/stop the unnecessary app download/update.
  • Then download the app you want on your device.

Solution 3: Switch to different internet options

The Google play store download pending errors also occurs due to poor WI-FI connection. Hence, switch to cellular data to download your apps. For changing the download network preference, follow the steps below;

  • First,  disable WI-FI on your device and enable mobile data
  • Then go to your Google account at the top right corner of the Google play store app
  • Tap on “settings” and select “General”.
  • Then under App download preference, choose “over any network” type option.

Solution 4: Disable the VPN app on your device

If you possess a VPN app on your phone then enabled VPN can also hinder the app download process as VPN imitates your device location which prompts Google play store to think that you are not present at your device location and hence your downloads get stuck. So, try disabling the VPN app as follows:

  • Go to your phone settings and select Other wireless connections
  • Find VPN and disable the app.

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