How to Fix Gmail Login/Sign In Not Working

Gmail Login Not Working

When we think of a complete, powerful and reliable email client, the first name that comes to our mind is Gmail. Gmail is a wonderful free email service from Google. However, there may be times when you experience Gmail login not working, which is quite frustrating and confusing too. Some simpler and more advanced troubleshooting solutions will help Gmail work again. Let’s discover together common Gmail login problems, causes of their occurrence, along with the appropriate solutions.

What to do when Gmail is not working?

There could be many possible reasons for the temporary Gmail errors, but the most common reasons are enlisted below:

  1. Internet connectivity, sometimes the slow speed of your internet connection also causes this problem.
  2. Caches and cookies, stored cookies, and your browser’s cache are among the common causes of this error, so try to clear it.
  3. One of the main reasons plugins and extensions don’t work in Google Chrome is extensions. You should disable or remove the extension while using Gmail services.
  4. Wrong credentials, sometimes users enter wrong credentials and get frustrated.
  5. Like the previous version, please try to update the device’s application, browser and operating system.

How to solve Gmail Login Problems?

The answer to the above question depends entirely on the type of problem you are dealing with.

There can be numerous reasons, few of which could be:

  • You forgot the email.
  • You forgot your password.
  • You forgot your email and password.
  • You know the password but still can’t log in.
  •  No longer having access to the phone that you have used to create the account.
  •  No longer having access to the email that you have used to create the account.

Until now we have only given a brief introduction to Gmail login not working problems .Let’s discuss in detail the main causes of Gmail login Problems and find out their solution.


Every day thousands of people encounter with Gmail login problem and ask for solutions.

So here’s the guide on how you can effectively come out of this quagmire and find faster solution to Gmail login problems and how to fix them.

Having trouble signing in to Gmail on a single device or on multiple devices?

Therefore, if you cannot log into your Gmail account, please read the following instructions.



Sometimes, the server status in a particular area could be responsible due to which you won’t be able to log into your Gmail account. If Gmail server is down, then how hard you try your efforts will go in vain. If there is no problem with the server, then the problem is with Gmail.

In this case all you can do is to wait for some time. Sooner or later when the server is up, you will automatically access your account.



The most common reason for Gmail login problem is use of incorrect username and password. Ensure that the password and username that you have entered are correct. If you are not sure of your email account, then try to reset your Gmail account password.

But before you go to recover your lost password, you should need at least one recovery option to reset the password.



Sometimes users also report that after entering the password, when they clicked the Gmail login button, the page could not be displayed.

This problem occurs often due to the browser. Your browser may be full of garbage, so , you are suggested  to  optimize your browser properly. If you don’t know how to optimize your browser, please follow the rules mentioned below.

  • Delete temporary files from your browser
  • Clear the browser cache
  • Update your web browser
  • If the problem persists, you are  suggested to restart your web browser. But before you reset it, backup your bookmarks, saved passwords, and useful information.



Virus attacks are common. At this point, you might feel confused reading this because your PC already has an antivirus program installed to remove the virus. But your antivirus may be out of date or damaged and probably not working on our system.

Virus threats often make it difficult to create a Gmail account. Try to uninstall your antivirus program and then install it again. Replace your old version of antivirus with the new one.

Also, many Gmail users complain that they cannot receive or send emails from their Gmail account. Gmail has an email storage limit. Once you get through it, you won’t receive any new emails. Delete all spam messages from your account and clear your cache and cookies to avoid Gmail login errors.



Gmail is not responding due to issues with the proxy server and security settings. In that case, disable proxy, antivirus and firewall settings. After disabling, log into your Gmail account.



There are hundreds of people who prefer to log in through email client software rather than using the browser. The problem occurs due to an incorrect inbound and outbound server address. IT is recommended that you check the server address and authentication mode.



Microsoft Outlook allows users to use multiple email accounts from one window. But often Outlook cannot connect to Gmail. This happens because you are trying to add a Gmail account that has two-step verification enabled. Outlook does not provide the actual Gmail login message.


Hope these above techniques help you to log into your Gmail account.










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