How to Fix Face ID Not Working On iPhone

fix Face ID not working on iPhone
Fix Face ID not working on iPhone

Many times, iPhone user has issue How to Fix Face ID Not Working On iPhone! So, if you are also experiencing the face id working related issue? Then don’t worry about it. You can fix this issue in various ways.

Therefore, there could be numerous reasons happen behind this issue. These such presence of dirt or moisture which may avoiding Face ID to detect your face, Software problem, and so on. Thus, in this article, you will learn the simple procedure of how you can face id not working iPhone 11 pro.

Ways To Fix Face ID Not Working On iPhone:

Here are mentioned few ways on how to fix Face ID Not Working On iPhone or other previous iPhone models.

Steps To Fix Face ID Not Working On iPhone


Way 1: Ensure Enable Face ID on iPhone

When face id setup not working iPhone 11, then you have must make sure that the Face ID feature enables on your iPhone 11.

Way 2: Updating iPhone to the Latest Version

You are unable to set up or unable to activate face id on this iPhone, then try to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. Go to iPhone Settings, then General, then Software Update. Then update your iPhone or iPad.

Way 3: Verify Setting

While setting up the process of Face ID your iPhone keeps sending a message that ‘face id not working ‘move iPhone lower or higher’. It means that Face ID cannot be set up successfully on your phone.

Way 4: Force Restart your iPhone

Still, Apple face id not working iPhone, if after following all the mentioned above, then you can do a force restart of your iPhone device.

Apple Support 

If you have any questions regarding your iPhone? Then feel free to contact with Apple Support team working 24/7 hours for user’s assistance. Proficient experts will provide you comprehensive solutions to issues quickly.

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