How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing in Color Properly

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing in Color Properly

Canon printers are prominent for speed and quality printing, durability and creative designing. But after all a machine is a machine, it can break down anytime and thus halt your color printing. Hence, if your Canon printer is not printing in color properly, then here are some steps through which you can fix your printer in just a few minutes!

Why Your Canon Printer Isn’t Printing Properly?

Your Canon printer might not print the documents in color properly due to the following reasons:

  • The color printing might hamper due to void ink cartridges, or
  • Disabled color printing settings
  • Paper jam issues
  • Outdated printer drivers
  • Issues in a print command

How To Resolve If My Canon Printer Not Printing Colour?

  1. Check the ink level

Blurred or smudged printouts demands the replacement of ink cartridge as low ink levels can dry out and obstruct the ink nozzle which can lead to printer breakdown. So, check your ink levels before printing as follows:

  • Press the Windows button, go to the control panel and select devices and printers
  • Then select your Canon printer and check the ink level at the bottom of the devices and printers section under the status area.

  1. Clear the paper jams

If a paper is stuck in your Canon printer, then there is no way you can print your colour document so remove the stuck paper by opening the printer cover, relaxing the cartridge header and then reset the cartridge.

  1. Check  Canon printer settings

If there is no ink or paper issue in your printer, then there is a possibility that colour printing settings are disabled. So, check your printer settings and ensure that the colour printing option is enabled. If it is disabled, then enable it in the control panel >devices and printers>Canon printer>printer properties> colour printing. Moreover, remove any previous print commands to ensure the proper functioning of your Canon printer.

  1. Reboot your printer

On the off chance if your Canon printer doesn’t print in colour even after enough ink and enabled colour printing, then turn off your Canon printer, wait for two minutes and then turn it on again properly. This will resolve your issue.

  1. Update the outdated Canon printer drivers

Outdated or faulty Canon printer drivers can also hamper the colour printing process. So, update to the latest version of Canon printers by downloading the driver software from Canon’s official website.

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