How to Factory Reset HomePod

How to Factory Reset HomePod

How To Factory Reset HomePod or HomePod Mini

Apple Homepod mini has set a new milestone and it has got excellent popularity in front of its users. But, Sometimes users face trouble with HomePod mini so if you have applied all the techniques & tricks and after then, you are searching How To Factory Reset HomePod Mini? So, you have reached the right place because here you will get complete information with facts & proper steps.

Generally, users can easily reset their Homepad mini using factory settings with various methods such as the Home app on Mac or PC. Just, follow the below presented instructions learn the easiest way to factory reset with Homepod mini.

Methods To Reset Apple Home Pod Mini Homepod Mini Not Responding:

There are plenty of reasons when Homepod mini doesn’t react properly. On those conditions, you have to reset your Homepod mini on an immediate basis.

Here you will get three very simplest methods to reset your Homepod mini. In the first method, you can learn the resetting method through the home app on iPad or iPhone.

In case, the first method doesn’t work then, you have to try the second way where you have to check all the physical connections & controls on the speakers.

On the third method, you can learn the resetting method with the computer.

Process to reset HomePod or HomePod Mini

Method 1: How to Reset HomePod Mini via iPhone or iPad:

  • Ensure that, you have sign-in to your account with Apple ID on iPhone or iPad.
  • First of all, just open the ‘Home App’ on your iPhone or iPad. (If you don’t have the home app then, you can directly install from the Apple store)
  • Tap & hold the Homepad mini card.
  • Then, scroll down & press on the ‘Remove Accessory’ option.
  • Finally, hit on the ‘Remove’.
  • Moreover, just reboot your speaker and it will work surely but, in case, if homepod mini not responding after applying the above-given method then, go to another method.

Method 2: How to reset HomePod Mini Without any IOS Device:

  • If you are facing an issue to remove Homepod mini from the home application so just reset your speaker from the factory settings and then, follow the below-given instructions.
  • Initially, just disconnect the power adopter from the Homepod mini and just, wait at least 15 seconds then, connect the power adapter again.
  • Then, touch the surface of the top button and hold at least 10 seconds and if the red light is blinking then, keep your hold down.
  • After completing all the above-given processes, just reboot your mini and use it again.

How to reset Homepod mini via Mac or PC:

  • If applying all the above steps, if your homepod mini is not responding then, try the factory reset homepod mini using desktop or computer.
  • Make sure, you are using an excellent quality USB cable, otherwise, it can hamper your entire process.
  • First of all, just connect a USB type C cable between the computer and Homepod mini.
  • Then, wait for a minute, For the Mac users, just open the ‘Finder’ window, or for the PC users, just open the latest version of ‘iTunes’.
  • On the window display, just select the Homepod mini after appearing.
  • Tap on the ‘Restore HomePod’ button.
  • After then, the computer will begin the restore process and the software will update.
  • If the entire process has been completed then, tap on the finish button.

Finally, after rebooting your speaker, you will rid of the Homepod mini not responding issue.

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