How to Factory Reset an Eero Beacon

How to Reset Eero

How to reset Eero

Resetting the router can be a little troublesome. For quick solutions we have provided you with very easy steps to follow to reset Eero. Without wasting time further let’s start how to make it work.

There are two ways to reset your Eero by pressing the reset button or by using an app.

Factory Reset using Reset Button

  1. There are 3 types of reset button for your router.
  2. 1st generation and 2nd generation are found at the back of the router.
  3.  The 1st generation will be found on the left side and the 2nd generation at the right side at the back of the router and
  4. The last one will be found on the left side of the router.

There are two types of reset. Soft reset and hard reset.

How to Reset Eero through Soft reset 

  • It will keep advanced settings and ip reservation and port configurations.
  • But you will lose all your network settings from Eero. But logs and sessions will be maintained.
  • Start by pressing the reset button and hold the button until its LED flashes yellow , then release it. After a few seconds the eero LED should turn to strong white and show up with a green line in the eero app.

How to Reset Eero through Hard Reset ( EERO BEACON RESET) 

  • In this process you will lose all your network settings as well your logs and sessions.
  • It will delete Eero from your home network.
  • To start with hard rest you need to press the reset button for until the LED flashes red then release it.
  • After a few seconds if it flashes blue that indicates you can successfully reset your Eero.

Factory Reset  Eero using Phone App 

  1. Open the app go to menu button
  2. Select the option ‘network settings’
  3. Scroll to the last and Select ‘advanced settings’
  4. Now choose ‘ delete your network ‘
  5. Delete your network page will open, you may go through the warnings and then press ‘delete network’ and hit ‘continue’ button.
  6. A confirmation window will open to delete the network, once again press delete network to complete the process.
  7. This is the complete process of factory reset of Eero.

Points to note that your router must start a minute before you start using. And resetting will delete all your network settings and it will return to its original default state.

How to Set Eero Password 

  1. Open your Eero app
  2. On main dashboard you will find ‘network settings’
  3. Select ‘password ‘
  4. And a new page will open where you need to select ‘edit password’  and you will be able to set a new password for the network.

How to Reboot Eero

This process is preferable

  •  when your your devices is not connected to desirable Eero
  • Network issue
  • Issue with the connected device
  • It will disconnect your Eero from the network

Steps to Reboot your Eero

  1. Open the ‘home tab’
  2. on the top of the screen you’ll find ‘online status button’
  3. Select the ‘Eero’ you want to reboot
  4. Go to ‘options menu’ and select ‘reset’
  5. Now select ‘restart Eero’

Steps to Reboot Eero Network 

  1. In Eero app, go to settings button
  2. Go to option ‘ advanced’
  3. From this menu select ‘ reset’
  4. From here select ‘restart network’
  5. And tap it again to confirm
  6. It will disconnect your Eero from the network.

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