Are you unable to log-in to your Facebook account?

Forgot your Facebook account password?


Want to recover an old Facebook account?

Then here is a 2 minute guide for instant Facebook account recovery!!

No matter how sharp we are in remembering our passwords but every person possesses so many accounts today that remembering the password for every account can be frustrating and troublesome. So, if you forget your Facebook account password or want to recover an old Facebook account, then you can instantly log-in/recover your desired Facebook account either on the Facebook sign-up page or by directly navigating to facebook.com/login/identify link in the URL. So, let’s get started

How to reset Facebook Account Password?

If you forgot the username or password of your current Facebook account then all you need to do is

Steps to reset Facebook Account Password

  • Visit the Facebook log-in page, enter your username/ email address and click on forgotten password tab or you can directly open the facebook.com/login/identify link on your browser and recover your password there.
  • After clicking on forgot password, you need to select a recovery option like alternate email ID or phone number, whichever you provided at the time of account set up.
  • Thereafter, request a password reset link on your recovery email or phone number, visit that link and then you can reset your password without any hassle.
  • Moreover, if you don’t remember your email address or account username, then log in via your Google account.
  • Simply click on the Google icon below the login space, enter your Google account password and hit the Next button, you will be navigated to your Facebook page.

How to recover an old Facebook account?

It is possible that you created a Facebook account quite a long time ago and want to use it now but unable to remember the password for the same or that your desired Facebook account has been disabled and you want to access it again. In these situations, you can recover your old Facebook account directly at facebook.com/login/identify. But while using this link, prefer to use the same device that you used earlier to log-in to your Facebook account, but if the device isn’t available, then you can still reset your Facebook account by following the facile steps below:

  • Open your preferred web browser, directly type Facebook.com/login/identify in the URL and hit enter
  • Then Facebook account identification page will open, where you need to enter your email address associated with your desired Facebook account.
  • But if you possess more than one email addresses and don’t remember which email address was linked to your Facebook account then enter your phone number instead as Facebook can easily identify you with your phone number even when your email is incorrect.

(Note: If the phone number linked to your Facebook account has changed or you no longer have access to the same, then also enter the same phone number as there is still a possibility that Facebook identifies you even when your associated number is disabled. But in case, you face any issue doing the same, contact our support team available 24/7 for your assistance)

  • Once, the provided email or phone number gets verified by Facebook, it will ask you the permission to send a verification code on your provided email or phone number. To grant permission for sending the code, you need to tap on continue button.
  • Thereafter, enter the verification code received on the email/phone number you provided and click continue. If no code is received within 10 minutes, click on Didn’t receive the code tab and ask for the code again.
  • Once the code is typed correctly, click on continue button and you will be provided the option to create a new password for your account.
  • Create a strong 6 digit password with upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and at least one special character to prevent your account from hacking. (To prevent any password typing error, you can first type your new password in the word document, and then copy-paste it in the required field). Save your new password and now, you can easily log-in to your Facebook account using your new password.

Tip: (Always save your password in password manager as it helps to recover your password even in the worst situation when you don’t have access to any of the recovery options your email or phone number)

  • In case, you aren’t able to reset your Facebook account password even after several attempts then feel free to contact our support team.

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