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How to Setup Cricut Explore

If you have recently purchased the circut machine or older user so you will get complete assistance by online portal where you can download & install setup with any computer & android phone. If you want to know complete information about the downloading & installation process with windows, mac & android phones so just follow the below-given guide.

What Is A Cricut Machine?

Cricut is just a Cutting Machine that is capable to cut various different-different materials for craft purposes. It is a very powerful machine so it can easily wood, fabric, leather & many more. The Cricut machines use a unique methodology to cut plenty of designs & shapes.

  • Initially, just visit the ‘’ website via any web browser.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Sign-in’ option. (Situated upper right-hand corner)
  • If you are a first-time user then, you need to click on the ‘Sign-up’ option.
  • After then, fill in your name, email address, password & others.
  • Next, select your preferred ‘country’.
  • Now, check the box on the ‘terms & conditions.’
  • Finally, hit on the ‘Create an account’ option.
  • After completing all the processes, Cricut will send an email to your registered email address for verification.
  • Just ‘verify’ your email & then, start the ‘login’ process.

How To Download Cricut Setup Software?

Users can easily download Cricut Setup Software with windows or mac computer but, before starting the downloading process, just check the basic computer compatibility, and your wireless or wired internet speed must be good.

Steps to Download Cricut Setup Software:

  • Open desired ‘web browser’ such as Google, Mozilla, Bing, or Safari.
  • Then, type ‘’ in the search bar of the web browser.
  • If you have reached the setup website, then tap on the ‘Log-in’ to your account.
  • Hit on the ‘Get Started’ button.
  • Choose your ‘Cricut device’ from the list & press the ‘Download’ button.
  • Wait for a while and downloading process will start on your computer system.
  • After completing the downloading, just tap on the ‘Install.exe’ file.
  • Now the installation process will begin.

How To Set Up Your Cricut Device?

Users can easily create the set up with Cricut machine and the below-given method will also work on cricut explore, explore air, explore one or other. Just follow the below-presented steps.

For Windows/Mac Computer:

  • Plugin the cricut machine into the ‘power outlet’ & click on the ‘Power’ button.
  • Now, connect the machine & computer with a ‘USB cable’.
  • If you are using a wireless device so you can connect it via ‘Bluetooth’.
  • Next, if the connection has been established then, ‘download’ the cricut setup via the ‘’ website.
  • After completing the downloading, then ‘double-click’ on the downloaded file.
  • ‘Run’ the downloaded file on the computer.
  • Next, ’Sign-in’ your cricut account.
  • Finally, you can set up your ‘new machine’ using screen instructions.

Setting Up A Cricut Machine With IOS/Android:

  • Tap on the ‘power’ button of the cricut machine.
  • Just open your ‘Bluetooth’ of the Android or IOS.
  • Generate pair between smartphone and cricut machine with help of ‘Bluetooth’.
  • Next, open the ‘App Store’ or ‘Google play store’.
  • Find the ‘circut application’ under the search option.
  • Tap on the ‘install’ button.
  • After completing the installation, just ‘launch’ the application.
  • ‘Sign-in’ to your circut account via credentials.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Menu’ option and select the ‘Machine Setup’.
  • Choose your ‘Cricut model’.
  • Follow the ‘screen instructions’ and complete the ‘cricut setup’.

How To Pair Cricut Machine Via Bluetooth?

  • Before starting the pairing process, just ensure that you have a connected wireless cricut explore or cricut maker machine.
  • Now, insert the ‘wireless Bluetooth adapter’.
  • After then, check the Bluetooth ‘enable’ stability but, if Bluetooth is not enabled then, open the ‘Device Manager’ under the menu option.
  • Just tap on the ‘Enable’ option and your Bluetooth will enable.
  • Next, click on the ‘settings’ and tap on the ‘Device’.
  • Press on the ‘Bluetooth’ and connect your computer & circut machine with Bluetooth.
  • Write the correct ‘PIN’ and finally, hit on the ‘connect’.
  • How To Start A New Project On New Cricut Machine?
  • Turn on the ‘cricut device’.
  • Connect cricut device to computer with help of ‘USB cable’ or ‘Bluetooth’.
  • Open any computer and go to the website.
  • Select your ‘model number’ and tap on the ‘update or download’ firmware or select ‘cricutexlporeAir’ or ‘maker’.
  • After completing the entire process, just tap on the ‘continue’ button.
  • Now, you can select your recent running ‘project’.
  • Follow the display instruction carefully and start working on the ‘new project’.

Important Instructions:

  • Before starting the downloading or installation process, your wireless internet speed must be good or standard.
  • Check the USB cable quality before connecting between the computer and circuit device.
  • Use 1 GB RAM, 120 or Above HDD, Standard Processor, 32 or above operating system.

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