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How to Change CenturyLink WiFi Password

There would be many of the users who may be willing to change CenturyLink wifi password but may not be aware of such kind of process as they may have never dealt such issues before. If that is so then we can be a helpful medium to change Wifi password CenturyLink. All you need to do is follow simple steps as mentioned below in order to quickly and efficiently get the task done. In case you are not being able to follow the same then contact us now and we would be happy assisting you and fixing your issue in one go without any hassles.

Steps to Quickly and Efficiently Change CenturyLink Wifi Password

Step 1: Start the process by connecting their computer or tablet to the internet using an Ethernet Cable or WiFi.

Step 2: Now type in onto their web browser and then quickly login to admin interface with their account username and account password.

Step 3: Now select wireless setup icon from the main menu and then the frequency which suits the best.

Step 4: Now move onto the left side of the menu and select Wireless Security from the same.

Step 5: Now select the name of their wireless network which they can find it in the modem sticker.

Step 6: Users can now select the Security Type and Encryption type which they can find behind the printer.

Step 7: Users can now select Use Custom Security Key/Passphrase and type in the new password for the account which will result in changing the account password.

Step 8: Users can finally choose the Apply button in order to save the changes of the newly saved account password.

How do I Change my CenturyLink Wifi Password Directly Through Modem or Router?

  • Lastly users can also reset their CenturyLink wifi modem or password directly through their router. But this is mainly applicable on the older version of the router.
  • For changing or resetting the password through this mode, users simply need to do is get a hand on to their router.
  • At the back of the router, they will find the power button. They simply need to do is press the same for 2 mins and then the reset would automatically be done.
  • Users can now login to the admin section of the router and then from there they can create a strong and secure password for the account.
  • Once done then they can login to the account with the newly created account password and enjoy uninterrupted services for the same.
  • In case you are facing any sort of difficulties in doing the same then don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy assisting you and get the same resolved in a quick span of time without any hassles or second thought.
  • Move onto the next section of the tutorial to get a detailed info for direct assistance of troubleshooting guide.

How to Change CenturyLink Wifi Password Through Direct Assistance

  • The other way through which users can quickly and efficiently change the password of their CenturyLink router is through direct assistance.
  • For direct assistance, to change the account password users can simply do is move into the Contact Us section and then from there choose the mode which suits them the best in order to quickly and efficiently change CenturyLink password.
  • The possible modes through which users can quickly and efficiently change the account password is remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live chatting and mail support. However, that is totally subjected to location and availability of the technicians at that point of time.
  • All the necessary tips and guidance would also be offered to create a strong and secure password for the account.

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