Canon printer Not Connecting to WiFi

Canon Printer Not Connecting To Wifi

For the last few hours, my canon printer is not connecting to wifi. What may be the reason and how I can fix the issue? If you are also facing the same problem, then you are not the single in the queue, several users of Canon printer are complaining about the same issue. This article reading will be worthwhile for you to resolve similar kinds of issues. This write-up will elaborate on the search query regarding why ‘canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi. There are multiple reasons for which Canon Printer is not connecting to Wi-Fi. Below are some key points on the reasons why canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Canon Printer Not Connecting To WiFi: Possible Reasons

  • Corrupted drivers: It is one of the main reasons the Canon printer is not connecting with the Wifi.
  • Network issues: It is another most important issue for canon printers is not working or connecting with the Wi-Fi.
  • Change in Wi-Fi network:Changes in the Wifi network are also an issue for Canon printer is not connecting with the Wi-Fi network.

If you are a user of canon printer and face the issues that the printer is not connecting to Wifi then, read the write-up carefully to get your answer. The basic and simple ways of troubleshooting procedure of canon printer to work with the wireless network. Here are some main highlights on the methods to fix the issues of ‘canon printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi’

  • Update printer driver Software: The user of Canon printer who faces an issue related to the printer is not connecting with Wireless router, they need to uptodate the Canon Printer latest version Software to resolve the issues.
  • Resolve printer error Massage: Check twice that the printer is not showing any error message like blinking the light, or any error code shows on your device printer. If yes, then fix the error first. These errors are happened due to paper jams, cartridges, or ink problems. Resolve the issues first, then try to connect the printer to a Wi-Fi router.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver: If  Canon printer is not connecting to Wi-fi then first uninstall the printer driver and wait for 30 seconds and then again reinstall the printer driver software to resolve the issue. Now try to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi.
  • Check out the Wi-Fi network connectivity:  It is one of the most important tasks which needs to check by the users to check the Wi-fi network signal strength. If it is less than 80 % then try to keep the printer and router a little closer for better network strength. If the strength is more than 80 % then remove all the obstacles between the printer and Wi-Fi. Now try to reconnect the printer with the Wi-Fi router and take a test print and see the changes.
  • Factory reset the printer: the user of the Canon printer needs to perform the Factory reset task. For that, the user needs to switch the power bottom of the printer. Now disconnect the data cable and power supply socket and keep the printer switched off for about 10 minutes. After that again plug on the power supply and also the data cable. Now switched on the printer and try to connect the printer to the Wi-fi network and try for a test print.

In the final task, the user needs to check the power supply within the printer by turn off and unplug, and disconnecting the printer from all the power cables and the router. Thereafter, wait for 15 seconds and again re-insert the power cable and turn on the printer, then again try to connect with the Wifi network. If there persist any problem related to Canon Printer not connecting to Wifi , then call for technical help from the technical expert or authorized service center.

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