Brother Printer Troubleshooting

Brother Printer Troubleshooting

A Useful Guide to Brother Printer Troubleshooting

Your highly reliable Brother Printer is not printing – it is a matter of concern. But trust us, you can settle this issue in a few minutes. If you are facing this issue with your printer, then you are at the right place where will get all information’s about the Brother Printer errors and the easy solution. Go through the proceeding paragraphs carefully for detailed information about the troubleshooting of your printing machine! We will be talking about Error codes 20, 21, 22, and 23, error code 30, error code 48, error code 50, error code TS-07, and some other issues related to the machine’s performance. Hopefully, you will resolve your problem by following the given troubleshooting methods.

Is there a Paper Jam issue?

Paper jam error means the printer has detected a paper jam in its machine. To resolve this issue, open the paper tray and check for any paper is stacked in the inside chamber of the printer. If yes, then remove the paper and again reinsert the paper tray inside the printer. It is considered one of the most effective Brother Printer Troubleshooting methods.


Error codes 20, 21, 22, and 23

Error codes 20, 21, 22, and 23 means the printer is unable to recognize the printer ink cartridge. The issue can be fixed by install the cartridge properly or can change the cartridge with a new one. If the cartridge is not empty, this problem also may fix with a simple reboot of the printer.

No paper issue 

Among brother printer error states, no paper error is one of the most common. Thousands of users face this issue. It can be identified by its name which means the paper tray is out of paper. The error can be solved by putting paper on the paper tray.

Error code 30

Error code 30 is the message displayed by the printer which means the printer is unable to print due to some technical error in the printer or something are stacked inside the printer which may be a paper clip or a piece of paper. First switched off the printer and then open the printer cover and search for the stacked piece of paper. Remove the obstacle and carefully place the cover on the printer.

Error code 48

Error code 48 is one of the most showed error code Brother Printers which is caused due to the circuit board or the print head cable are damaged or broken. Otherwise, the error can also occur some foreign particles obstacle in the printer. After cleaning the printer this error can be resolve.

Error code 50

Error code 50 may be happened due to overheating. If the printer is printing for a long time, the printer may get overheated. In this case, switch off the printer and wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then restart the printer again. It will fix this error. Error code 51 may be occurred due to the disfunction of the laser unit. Install the laser unit properly or if the unit is defective then change the same. On another way, an easy reboot also can solve this issue.

Error code TS-07

Error code TS-07 is one of the major issues faced by the user of Brother Printer due to connection error with the WLAN or the router. Keep closer both the printer and router and remove any obstacle in between. From the Brother Printer’s menu, select your network and enable the WLAN. If the printer detects the WPN access, point the printer will connect with WLAN automatically.

Getting a Replace Toner message 

Error code “Replace Toner” means the toner of the printer is going to finish or already finished. In this case, the user needs to replace the toner and install a new toner cartridge. Check properly that it is installed properly.

Troubleshoot the printing issue offline

The user can also go for Brother Printer troubleshooting offline by going to the control panel of the system and then go to ‘drivers and printers’ followed by selecting Brother printer as Default Printer. The next is to fix the issues if the printer is in Offline mode by going to the Control Panel. Open the control panel and go to the ‘drivers and printers. Now open see what printing and followed by open printer option. Thereafter, check on the option ‘use printer offline’ if there is a click on the box, deselect the option. The user also needs to clean the print queue. Go through all the above troubleshooting methods, if any user can’t fix the issue with Brother Printer, then go for technical support to get rid of the problem.

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