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AT&T WiFi Connected But Not Working

Why is my At&t Wi-fi not working today?

What to do when my At&t Wi-Fi connected but not working?

How can I resolve my At&t Wi-FI not working issue?

If you are looking for answers to the above question, then this facile guide is just for you!

Well, At&t Wi-Fi might not work due to a range of assorted technical reasons such as:

  • Poor speed due to heavy neighbourhood traffic
  • Faulty wireless settings
  • Incompatible devices
  • Improper wire connections
  • Defective Wi-Fi gateway and cables

Ways to Fix “AT&T WiFi Connected But Not Working” Issue

No matter what may be the reason behind your At&t Wi-Fi not working issue, you can try some facile steps below

1.Inspect the maintenance

When confronting availability issues with your AT&T WiFi, the primary thing you ought to guarantee is that the issue isn’t being caused because of a certain support cycle at AT&T’s end. Hence to check the maintenance process, navigate to At&t eRepair website, sign in and choose your At&t service and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi issue.


2.Ensure that all cables are connected properly

If your At&t Wi-Fi router is connected to a surge protector, then remove the connection and ensure that all WI-Fi router, phone cables are connected properly. Remove and replace the defective cables and wires


3.Inspect the Firewall

Continuously ensure that you are just running one firewall on your PC. Additionally, you can cripple your firewall briefly to check if the firewall was creating issues.


4.Diagnose the At&t Wi-FI gateway

An inferior At&t Wi-Fi gateway can also hinder good connectivity, so switch to a superior one. If you have a good Wi-Fi gateway but still facing connectivity issues, then ensure that broadband, power and service lights on the gateway are green. If they turn red, then unplug the power cord of your At&t Wi-FI gateway and connect it again after 2 minutes. This will probably resolve your Wi-Fi not working problem. If the problem persists, then change the location of the At&t Wi-fi gateway as distance and other barriers like phones, baby monitors etc can also hinder the Wi-Fi signals. Avoid placing your At&t Wi-Fi gateway in a closed cabin or against the wall.


5.Ensure the safety and security of your system

Sometimes, network issues occur due to Spyware and Virus that influences the framework assets of your PC fundamentally. An infected PC is known for producing network traffic without your insight, prompting low network speed on the web. Hence, protect and secure your computer by regularly running anti-virus software.


6.Clear your Browser data

A cluster of browser cookies can overload the storage space in the browser, so consider clearing your browser cache and cookies, to give enough space to new content. You can clear your browser cache in the browser settings.


7.Restart your Computer

If none of the above steps works then try to resolve your issue by restarting your computer as using a computer for very long hours might depreciate the performance.

if your issue is still not resolved, you can contact our customer support always available for your assistance

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